IntegrART 2015


Duration: 27.05.–15.06.2015, Bern / Lugano / Genf /  Basel


Partner festivals:
Community Arts Festival, Bern, 27.-31.05.2015
ORME Festival, Lugano, 28.-31.05.2015
Out of the Box - Biennale des Arts inclusifs, Genf, 01.-07.06.2015
Wildwuchs Festival, Basel, 04.-14.06.2015

Stage productions:
Stopgap Dance Company (GB): Artificial Things
Panaibra Gabriel Canda (MZ): Borderlines
Kollektiv Frei_Raum (CH): Home

IntegrART Symposium 2015:
02.06.2015, Genf
Dance and “Normality”
Concept and direction: Marcel Bugiel
Collaboration on the concept: Saša Asentic

Video symposium:

Video Stopgap Dance Company: