15.03.23 – New management, new programme. IntegrART 23 is online!

With the 2023 edition, the festival will have a new director: Inga Laas will take over from Isabella Spirig, who initiated the festival at the Migros Culture Percentage. By handing over the festival management to a self-advocate, IntegrART is taking the next logical step on the way to the self-evident and self-determined inclusion of people with disabilities in front of, on and behind the stage.

Inga Laas: “IntegrART shows that inclusive culture is not a burden and that it instead pushes at the boundaries of possibilities. We actively contribute to establishing disability arts as part of the programme of Swiss culture, to opening up the training structures of contemporary dance and to strengthening the network of the community”.

IntegrART and its partner festivals will present three high-quality and compassionate stage productions by artists with and without disabilities from 24 May to 4 June 2023.


15.10.2021 – IntegrART Conference "Rethinking structures": Documentation is online!

The documentation of the IntegrART Conference 2021 in Zurich on 21 and 22 september is online. Film, texts and pictures can be found here.

17.09.2021 - IntegrART conference «Rethinking structures»: Online participation

The deadline for registering for the conference was 13 September. You can still register to participate online: please email integrart@mgb.ch with the subject "Online" so that we can send you a link to the webinar.

23.08.2021 – Register now: IntegrART conference «Rethinking structures»

On 21 and 22 september 2021, the eighth IntegrART conference «Rethinking structures» will take place in a hybrid format (in person and virtually). In lectures and discussions, working structures and processes will be questioned by speakers and guests from the arts, culture funding and politics and discussed on the basis of questions from the plenum. Everything about the conference, including the registration form, can be found here.

28.06.2021 - Review Festivals

“For me, dance is an expression of the heart, without gravity or exertion”, says artist Lea Vejnovic, looking back at the IntegrART tour. With her piece “Moved” she performed from May 26 – June 6 at the IntegrART partner festivals in Lugano, Basel, Geneva and Berne. The five popular IntegrART productions reached a diverse audience in all three language regions through access provisions such as audio description and sign language. “We experienced an edition of the festivals that for everyone involved presented a huge challenge due to the pandemic – and yet could be executed successfully with great joy”, says IntegrART founder Isabella Spirig of Migros Culture Percentage. “With each festival edition we move one step closer towards our vision of inclusion.”

This was demonstrated impressively by the ZHdK Stage Lab, which in its third edition was led by Annie Hanauer. The ensemble, consisting of 15 budding and professional disabled and nondisabled dancers, creates a spectacular production with a corona safety concept. All participants are united by their passion for dance. Lukas Bisculm, who is in his second semester of the BA Contemporary Dance at ZHdK, found the quick development of the group dynamic, the openness of the encounter, as well as the equality of the ensemble a defining experience. Sylvie Chen, who already danced in the Stage Lab 2017, mentions that dancing with others creates more tolerance within her towards herself. 17-year-old dancer Pearl Lüthy also focuses on uniting elements in her feedback: “We all had our strengths and weaknesses – I enjoyed that we were a team”.

IntegrART is a biennial festival, the next tour takes place in spring 2023. On September 21st/22nd, the IntegrART conference takes place at Gessnerallee Zurich.

12.05.2021 - Presale has started!

In just under two weeks the IntegrART festivals of Migros Culture Percentage take place, the preparations in Lugano, Basel, Geneva and Berne are in full swing. Presale has started this week!

15.02.2021 – The programme is online!

From May 26th to June 9th 2021 IntegrART presents selected stage productions by and with disabled and nondisabled artists. The five national and international productions will be shown at the IntegrART partner festivals in Lugano, Berne, Basel and Geneva.

In its eighth edition, the IntegrART Symposium transforms into a broader reflection format: between March and June 2021, several in-depth modules with different focus areas will be held in cooperation with the four partner festivals.

The highlight will be the IntegrART Conference in September, where also the results of the modules will be presented.

04.06.2020 – Mentoring programme for dance professionals

The Migros Culture Percentage is expanding its mentoring and coaching programme Double: in addition to literature, mentoring opportunities are now also available for dance, theatre, pop and cabaret. DoubleTanz brings together four selected dancers, choreographers or dramatic advisers with or without disabilities for a one-year exchange with experienced experts from the same field. The counterparts for the first round are dramatic adviser Guy Cools, choreographers Claire Cunningham and Alessandro Schiattarella and festival director Gunda Zeeb – four coaches in equal measure experienced, clever and switched-on. We are especially excited about the fact that all four coaches have extensive knowledge of and many years of experience in the disability arts, with three of them even having made important contributions to IntegrART. Submissions can be made until August 2020. Further information (in German) is available here.


15.06.2019 – IntegrART Symposium "It's a Matter of Perspective": Documentation is online!

The documentation of the IntegrART Symposium 2019 in Zurich on 2 and 3 May is online. Film, texts and pictures can be found here.


01.04.2019 – Tickets for the IntegrART productions have gone on sale!

Together with its partner festivals in Basel, Berne, Geneva and Lugano, IntegrART is showing four selected stage productions by and with disabled artists from 21 May to 9 June 2019. Texts, images and videos for these productions and the dates of IntegrART shows near you can be found here.

01.03.2019 – Register now: IntegrART Symposium ‘It’s a Matter of Perspective’

On 2 May and 3 May 2019, the seventh IntegrART Symposium takes place at Gessnerallee Zurich and Tanzhaus Zurich. Entitled ‘It’s a Matter of Perspective’, the symposium will explore the ways in which non-normative perspectives expand different art forms and cross (aesthetic) boundaries. Everything about the symposium, including the registration form, can be found here.

30.09.2018 – Swiss Diversity Award for IntegrART

On 29 September 2018, IntegrART was honoured with a Swiss Diversity Award 2018. Nina Mühlemann, Co-Director of the IntegrART Symposium 2019, attended the ceremony in Berne to accept the award in the category ‘art’. A jury consisting of professionals in politics, art, culture and equality selected the winners in 12 different categories. The aim of the award is to promote diversity and inclusion. More information can be found here.

23.08.2018 – Nina Mühlemann and Tanja Erhart become co-directors of the 2019 symposium

The IntegrART Symposium 2019 will be managed by a team of two: Nina Mühlemann lives in Zurich as a cultural producer and disability scholar. Austrian dancer and scholar, Tanja Erhart, is based in London. For the first time, the symposium will be conceptualised, realised and presented by two agents from academia and art, who are disabled themselves.

20.06.2018 – IntegrART receives the label ‘Kultur inklusiv’

IntegrART carries now the label of ‘Kultur inklusiv’. The label, created by Pro Infirmis, advocates for an ongoing commitment to an inclusive culture. It promotes inclusion and access to cultural institutions with as few barriers as possible. As a label carrier, IntegrART works in collaboration with ‘Kultur inklusiv’ to promote inclusion and access as defined by the different fields of actions of the label. More information can be found here.