Beweggrund/Tanzbar Bremen: Erinnerungen schwirren

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1.6. 7 p.m., Basel, Wildwuchs Festival Tickets
2.6. 7:30 p.m., Genf, Out of the Box – Biennale des Arts inclusifs Tickets
4.6. 8 p.m., Bern, BewegGrund.DasFestival Tickets
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5.6. 8 p.m., Bern, BewegGrund.DasFestival Tickets

Memories can cause a somnambulistic drift, and the short piece «buzzing memories» takes precisely this moment as its starting point. Coming from complete silence, three dancers forge their paths through the room, their associations manifest gently, image sequences of the past become visible. Remembering as a fundamentally human ability is a colourful dance of perceptions and emotions that cannot be contained and which can become alive for others if certain elements come together. How can memories be shared, where are the fractures, how changeable are memories and what do we do with them collectively? Gradually the dancers become aware of each other, imitate each other, create tension in encounters and finally find a community that unfolds with an intense dynamic. Memories become adventures and games we all partake in.

«Buzzing memories» was created in 2019 as one of three short pieces of an international cooperation between the three inclusive dance companies Danza Mobile (Spain), BewegGrund (Switzerland) und tanzbar_bremen (Germany) and was initiated and facilitated by the NO LIMITS festival Berlin.

Duration: 20 minutes

Corinna Mindt, who has studied dance education, is the founder and artistic director of tanzbar_bremen. As a choreographer and dancer she has choreographed numerous nationally and internationally staged productions with tanzbar, and since 2009 she co-curates the festival eigenARTig. Neele Buchholz, who has been a dancer for tanzbar_bremen since 2013, co-created, amongst other things, the project KompeTanz and worked in that project as a dancer, leader, artistic and choreographic contributor. Oskar Spatz, part of tanzbar_bremen since 2018, dances and acts in numerous touring stage and street productions and co-teaches workshops, projects and classes with a focus on dance theatre.

Choreography: Susanne Schneider (BewegGrund) in collaboration with the dancers
Dance: Till Krumwiede, Corinna Mindt, Oskar Spatz (tanzbar_bremen)
Production and rehearsal management: Tim Gerhards, Susanne Schneider, Corinna Mindt
Text: Neele Buchholz, Esther Kunz
Photos: Daniela Buchholz
Video projections: Jan Menge
Costumes: Katja Fritzsche mit den Tänzer*innen
Lighting concept: Carlos Heydt
Coproduction: NO LIMITS Festival Berlin, tanzbar_bremen, Danza Mobile, Verein BewegGrund, Dampfzentrale Bern, etage Bremen, steptext dance project