Lila Derridj (FR): Une bouche

22.05.19   Geneva, Out of the Box – Biennale des Arts inclusifs Tickets
29.05.19 Basel, Wildwuchs Festival Tickets
01.06.19 Lugano, ORME Festival Tickets
06.06.19 Berne, ‘BewegGrund.Das Festival’ Tickets

Une bouche by Lila Derridj is the utopia of a woman with a unique body and at the same time an ode to all its possibilities. The solo is also an outcry, demonstrating that the collective thinking about an ideal body is discriminatory. In Une bouche lies the beauty of imbalance and the force of fragility. The French-Algerian performer invites us to follow the transformations of a sensual creature that immerses itself in its rediscovered freedoms. What at first might seem like a barrier ultimately enables a new and different form of being.

Duration: 45 minutes
In French
The piece will be shown alongside Maria Tembe’s Solo for Maria.
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The French-Algerian dancer, performer and choreographer Lila Derridj already explored dance while she was studying architecture and thereby questioned concepts around norms and bodily standards. Her choreographies move around the intersection of performing arts, visual arts and architecture. For her first solo Une bouche she was supported with a stipend by the Fondation Banque Populaire in 2014, 2015 and 2017. Since 2003 Lila Derridj teaches photography and video, since 2007 dance and since 2012 architecture, at the Ecole Nationale Supérieur d'Architecture de Paris Belleville. She presents at conferences in France and abroad on the topics of dance and architecture.

Choreography/dance: Lila Derridj Dramaturgy: Michel Cerda Choreography assistant: Pauline Brottes Direction assistant: Naema Boudoumi Stage: Élizabeth Saint Jalmes Music: Thomas Barlatier Lights: Charlotte Gaudelus Production: Regards & Mouvements – SUPERSTRAT Residency: Le CND de Pantin & micadanses-Paris Studios: EMA De Vitry sur Scène Stipend Banque Populaire: 2014, 2015, 2017