Tanzflug: Bewegt

26.5. 8:30 p.m., Lugano, ORME Festival  Tickets
28.5. 8 p.m., Genf, Out of the Box – Biennale des Arts inclusifs Tickets
1.6. 7 p.m. Basel, Wildwuchs Festival Tickets
3.6. 8 p.m. Bern, BewegGrund.DasFestival Tickets

For the normative gaze, only the obvious might count as movement – a gesture in the room that is clearly recognizable and is regarded as natural. The movement world of someone who is regarded by others as unable to move remains hidden as a blind spot to mainstream society. This is the focus of «Motionlessly moved», as the piece draws upon the differences of its two performers. What does it mean not to be able to hug, and how can affection be expressed if it cannot be emphasized through gestures or body language? How does it feel to be touched almost exclusively for functional reasons?

«Moved» uses strong images and pronounced absoluteness in order to ask how the playfulness, the clumsiness, the surprising element of body language can be communicated in a different form, for example verbally, and how it can be achieved that specifically the construed deviation is not continuously reproduced verbally. Imagery, language and movement take space in the piece as equivalent elements and reveal a view of a universe which captivates in its immense differentiation and in which the resonance chamber of movement also affects the arrangement of the audience in the room.

Duration: 20 minutes

Lea Vejnovic, Andrea C. Frei and Raphael Zürcher started this project four years ago and have since founded the association Tanzflug (www.tanzflug.ch), with the goal to create a platform for people with and without disabilities. Lea Vejnovic is an architect, lives with the neuromuscular condition SMA and describes herself as an adventurous young woman who likes to laugh, love and live. Andrea C. Frei studied dance theatre, works as a lecturer and besides working as an assistant for numerous projects she also did an internship at «Danza Mobile» in Sevilla. Raphael Zürcher studied arts and design mediation at ZHdK, teaches at the F+F school for art and design and contributes video work to numerous stage productions.

Concept / Performers: Lea Vejnovic, Andrea Frei, Raphael Zürcher
Texts: Lea Vejnovic, Andrea Frei with use of a passage of Kübra Gümüsay, Sprache und Sein
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Video: Raphael Zürcher